About The Baker

Carla Roque, Red Seal Pastry Chef

HELLO!  I’m Carla Roque!

You can call me Car, or CarCar or Rocky Road… the list goes on.  I’m just a nickname kinda girl.

I also happen to be a Red Seal Pastry Chef.

My career and marriage to the cutest Chef I know Ryan, started out at the Banff Springs Hotel, 21 years ago.  From there I hung out at a 5 Diamond Restaurant (Banffshire Club)  for a while, then rocked my way through the circuit of rad places in Calgary.   Turns out the cutest chef I know and I make awesome humans though so I took a bit of a break to invest in their awesomeness.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the ability to step back from desserts for just a little while to have the opportunity to stay home with my little ladies.

Desserts still own a pretty large piece of my heart though, so although I’ve never truly left, always taking on small projects and wedding cakes for a select few, I’m back with a vengeance and ready to roll… see how I made a joke about a rolling pin there… subtle but AMAZING!



Cutest family ever

Autre Rad Tidbits About Moi

I can mix the english and french language seamlessly into the same sentence.  It’s a seriously useful skill… not really but I like it none the less
I love licking chips before I eat them, obviously you can taste the chip flavour better that way.  Cutest Chef I know thinks it’s gross
Friends re-runs play in our house more than they should
When people say 10 years ago, I instantly think of 1993
I successfully taught my kids to  lip-sync to 80’s music while using a hairbrush as a microphone
While living in Banff  I spent more time than I’ll admit pretending I was in the Sound of Music while I ran through the mountains
Ramen lunch dates with the cutest chef ever = my favourite thing.
I’ve had the same best friend since I was 17
A giant cup of tea can fix most things in life

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Calgary, Alberta

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